Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it was nthn but....

It was cool night..
I was lost in memory full tight..
Pleasant Wind was blowing wid full of love..
But I was missing my dove…
I closed my eyes for a while..
But tears came from a mile..
suddenly I saw a beautiful face..
who tried to wipe tears from my face..
but my tears cud not stop ..
because I have lost my love n hope..
she dint tell me to put my head in her lap…
because now our hearts were having a big gap..
I m the reason for this gap as usual..
Still I tried to b casual..but it created a gap which was unusual..
Still my eyes are closed n those loveful salty tears r rolling..
Shz still wid me but m not able to see dat face which was smiling..
Slowly n slowly shz going away,leaving me n mah hand..
N m feeling like standing on the place wch has no land..
I suddenly opnd mah eyes n chekd mah breath..
it was nthn but a death..

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